FANCY DRESS PARTY: 50’s costume party

We all know that 50’s fashion is all about, colorful prints, voluminous skirts, glamorous shapes and tiny waists. This vibrant and colorful 1950s fashion is just perfect for the bright sunny days of summer. In this era, women used to express the femininity with the choice of fun costumes and accessories, glowing makeup and clothing of bright and beautiful patterns as well as colors.

Dior’s iconic ‘new look’ that arrived in Paris in 1947 had a significant impact on the fashion world. It was the era of vintage and colorful fancy outfits suitable for almost all shapes and body types by the addition of just plenty of net, padding, belts and foundation garments! Here is a brief review of vintage fancy dresses, accessories and some tips to rock your 50’s inspired look. If you;re interested in purchasing these items from a costume shop Brisbane, then visit the link and make an order today!



Do you want to pull off the perfect outfit for the 50’s costume party? Let’s not waste any more time and get right to it!

  • The casual swing dress

The swing dress style was wildly popular for more casual occasions. For a classic and feminine look, get this fancy outfit inspired by the style of iconic grease and be a hit at your retro diner or bowling alley.

  • The pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is a must-have item in any vintage fashion lover’s wardrobe. They are suitable for various occasions such as vintage party, evening, or date night and will make you a head turner!

  • The cocktail dress

Beat the heat in hot summer days and still stay in fashion with this uber chic 1950s style cocktail dresses. Don’t forget to pair up your dress with a matching clutch and a kitten heel.

  • Vintage style polka dot dresses:

We all love fun and retro polka dot dresses from the 1950s colorful era. Vintage polka dot outfits of any color and size are perfect for a retro look. Dress up in adorable retro-inspired dresses that have splashes of ditsy dots.

Some of the outfit suggestions include:

  • swing dresses
  • Wiggle dresses
  • Halter dresses
  • circle skirts
  • Trendy Tops
  • Pencil skirt

The glamorous slim fitting pencil skirt is sure to give you super sexy and flirty look. Pair it with beautiful solid color top and get ready for a night you’ll never forget.


One can’t push enough how critical embellishments held crucial importance during the 1950s and it was a norm for a lady to wear gloves, cap, and purse while going out. Here is your list of 50’s vintage accessories.

  • Red lipstick
  • horn-rimmed glasses
  • peach basket hat
  • Chiffon scarf
  • cat eye glasses
  • Gloves
  • Waist cinch belt


Here are some tips to know before hitting that retro style party.

  • For a perfect hairstyle of 50 ’s, get yourself some scarves in striking hues and tie in the hair, around the neck or into a
  • You can wear wide belts with a full skirt, with a pencil skirt or capri pants to make the most of the coveted look.
  • Red lipstick is a striking way to instantly get a feel of vintage

So what are you waiting for? Get your favorite vintage-inspired outfits, pair it with fancy accessories and be a retro chic!

Don’t Jump on anyone’s fun- A Checklist for Hiring a Jumping Castle

Bouncing castles are becoming more popular at wedding events, birthday parties, and sometimes in corporate meetings. During the vacations, parents seek ways to keep their little terrors engaged; especially during summer holidays. Summer holidays seem to be most exciting and fun filled. While some parents plan out holiday trips during such vacations, others prefer to keep their children engaged and entertained right in the home.

Bouncy Castle Hiring Service
To get your children active during holidays or off school hours, considering a fully functional bouncy castle may be your best bet. Keeping your kids fit and lively can only be effective with the use of jumping activities and great workouts.
While considering the ideal castle and company to hire from, there are some guidelines that you may consider to make the jumping experience a safe one.
1. Seek companies that offer Public Liability Insurance
2. You may ask the hiring company to help you set up the castle, as they are professionals and can do it much better.
3, Ensure the inflatable tubes are up to your country’s manufacturing standard -check the label to confirm.
4. Confirm from the company’s representative the maximum number of children that can play on it at the same time.
5. If the castle is over a year old, ensure you seek evidence(s) that it has recently being tested and used by a competent person. A competent person should be one certified by a recognized amusement inspection body.
6. Find out if the specific castle can be used in some specific extreme weather conditions; like in high winds.
7. You may insist on having a professional from the hiring company present at the event center, in case there is an emergency, he can manage the situation and ensure the kids are safe from harm.

Bouncy castles are great sources of fun and entertainment; not just for the kids but adults inclusive. However, for safety, always ensure children are adults do not use the same castle at the same time.
Getting a reputable and efficient Bouncy Castle Hiring Service is very simple and easy – simply check out the websites of different companies and get a clear picture about their services.

Jumping Castle Hire In Melbourne

The following thing is to decide the sort of bouncing castle you require. It is something to purchase a bouncing castle and another to get an efficient 1. Bouncy castles are a reasonably priced way to invigorate your wedding reception. Choosing a very good bouncy castle can actually make a kids’ party, but nevertheless, it is sometimes a stressful time for those parents which are in charge of ordering it.

The manner in which you fill the castle will allow it to be either easier or difficult that you set the unit up. Also, their bouncy castles might not have a present safety certificate. They do raise a lot of health and safety issues and it is important to ensure that all the necessary safety measures are in place. What you have to consider is that it’s bouncy castles are a seasonal company, so think of what can be completed in winter. When you elect for Bouncy Castle hire, you’ll get to conserve money rather than having a clown. Today, there are several Bouncy Castle hire alternatives that you can pick from.

Every business involved with bouncy castle hire will claim they’re the ideal, the provide the highest quality of bouncy castle at a reasonable price. Learn whether there’s anyone attempting to advertise bouncy castle hire business in your region of operation so you can make an educated choice. A Bouncy Castle company can be a rather profitable company but there are a number of guidelines you must follow. There are companies which offer bouncy castle for hire. Many bouncy castle hire businesses supply castles that are appropriate for both kids and adults. The best method to locate a good bouncy castle rental company is typically to ask some of friends and family about their experiences since they’re bound to provide you with completely honest feedback which you can trust.

The castles are available in all sorts of shapes, no matter their open-top structures. Our bouncy castles are produced from modern top quality materials. Most new bouncy castles have a 1 year guarantee, although some manufacturers provide a two year guarantee.

In case the castle doesn’t have a PIPA tag, it’s a good idea to locate another bounce house hire agency, even in case the initial two conditions are fulfilled. On the opposite hand, when you have chosen the castle just by going to the site of an area operator and checking their gallery, you might not get the opportunity to find the current physical status of the castle. Ultimately, castles that are hired for children to ride shouldn’t be employed by adults whatsoever. The arched castles, since the name suggests have a big archway giving children an actual castle feeling. You ought not elect for overly old castles. Although most castles are made to be quite tough and long-lasting, they are effectively only a big balloon, and most of us know balloons can pop! Bouncy castles, among the most competent children entertainers, have come a ways since their very first box-model.





Castle Hire Concepts

The ridiculous season is almost upon us kids !! Marjo Leaping Castles has some incredible leaping castle hire concepts to make those Christmas gathering’s simple, without any difficulty. Let us do all the work for you! With Christmas, toys and kids all extremely linked over the next 6 weeks, Marjo has the substantial Toy Story 3 Combination on unique!

It is essential that the producers of bouncy castles ought to follow particular security standards and guidelines. In case the product is not strong, the bouncy castle might quickly tear off and leak that can trigger big injury to your kids. On the other side, make sure the product is not too tough that can harm your kids when they begin leaping on it.

When appropriately staked or weighted down, and utilized with a little care and sound judgment, a bounce home can be an exceptional method for kids to obtain some workout, establish gross motor control, and burn all that energy.

They are not without their threats. A research study in the journal Pediatrics from 2012 discovered that 11,300 kids were hurt in bounce homes in 2010, double the number in 2008.

From the First December all month till the 31st December we are using this wonderful discount rate!! So call us to book– however do not wait too long just like this decreased rate, the Toy Story 3 leaping castle can not be all over at the same time

If they fall simply over the hand on the leaping castle, they might likewise get rashes and contusions and their bones might fracture. Make certain to work with the castles made from quality product which is licensed and authorized.

This Christmas, with the toy style in mind for the kids, we are employing our Toy Story 3 Combination leaping castle for an unique rate of $300! That is a discount rate of $20!

Six Safety Tips for Using a Jumping Castle

Typically, jumping castles are hired for kid’s parties; to keep them busy and as well help them have fun at such events. Besides its key role at kid’s party, these castles could also be found in places where people often gather for fun, like parks, resorts, and even at parking lots.

However, the safety of these kids should be paramount whenever you may be considering a jumping castle for kids. Hence the need for some rules and safety guides set out by safety professionals to help secure these small fries as they spend hours jumping and playing around the equipment. Adults and organizers should ensure these rules are strictly adhered to, to avoid occurrences that could endanger the lives of the users and kill the fun.

Before you hire a Jump Castle for your next party, ensure the following guidelines are brought to bear.

Supervise the Kids

You should ensure you assign someone, who is experienced and responsible enough to keep an eye on the kids as they get carried away jumping on the castle. Some rude kids could try climbing the castle walls and begin a fight with other kids. The supervisor should ensure orderliness during the play.

No Somersaulting

The case of Sam Harris who suffered a severe injury on the head from a kick by a 15-year-old boy while playing on a jumping castle was a very sorry one. Sadly, Sam died in 2007- two years after.

Ideally, a sticker should be placed outside the entrance against somersaulting or any form of rough playing, and defaulters should be evicted. This should be in bold prints and must be placed for all to see. Though it sounds harsh, it will help you avoid unfortunate stories.

Age-Grade Groups

Divide the kids based on their age and height. Children of the same age and height should play on the castle together at the same time. You may have to create other means to keep the kids entertained before it is their turn.

 No Adults

If your jumping castle is hired for children only, then stick to it: no adult should be allowed to use it; not even teenagers. Get the adults and teens to engage in other games. While you want to please everyone, the safety of the kids should be paramount. For more about jumping castle hire Melbourne, please visit the page!

Check what the kids are carrying

Ensure no kid comes on with any sharp object. Get rid of any object that could cause any form of injury inside the jumping castle. Wearing of shoes should also be prohibited in the castle.

Regulate the number of children on the castle

It is easier to monitor and prevent the kids from colliding when the castle is not over crowded. The kids might not be happy waiting for their turn, shun their ignorance and stand firmly by this guide.

With the above tips, you are sure of the safety of your kids and fun filled jump playing