FANCY DRESS PARTY: 50’s costume party

We all know that 50’s fashion is all about, colorful prints, voluminous skirts, glamorous shapes and tiny waists. This vibrant and colorful 1950s fashion is just perfect for the bright sunny days of summer. In this era, women used to express the femininity with the choice of fun costumes and accessories, glowing makeup and clothing of bright and beautiful patterns as well as colors.

Dior’s iconic ‘new look’ that arrived in Paris in 1947 had a significant impact on the fashion world. It was the era of vintage and colorful fancy outfits suitable for almost all shapes and body types by the addition of just plenty of net, padding, belts and foundation garments! Here is a brief review of vintage fancy dresses, accessories and some tips to rock your 50’s inspired look. If you;re interested in purchasing these items from a costume shop Brisbane, then visit the link and make an order today!



Do you want to pull off the perfect outfit for the 50’s costume party? Let’s not waste any more time and get right to it!

  • The casual swing dress

The swing dress style was wildly popular for more casual occasions. For a classic and feminine look, get this fancy outfit inspired by the style of iconic grease and be a hit at your retro diner or bowling alley.

  • The pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is a must-have item in any vintage fashion lover’s wardrobe. They are suitable for various occasions such as vintage party, evening, or date night and will make you a head turner!

  • The cocktail dress

Beat the heat in hot summer days and still stay in fashion with this uber chic 1950s style cocktail dresses. Don’t forget to pair up your dress with a matching clutch and a kitten heel.

  • Vintage style polka dot dresses:

We all love fun and retro polka dot dresses from the 1950s colorful era. Vintage polka dot outfits of any color and size are perfect for a retro look. Dress up in adorable retro-inspired dresses that have splashes of ditsy dots.

Some of the outfit suggestions include:

  • swing dresses
  • Wiggle dresses
  • Halter dresses
  • circle skirts
  • Trendy Tops
  • Pencil skirt

The glamorous slim fitting pencil skirt is sure to give you super sexy and flirty look. Pair it with beautiful solid color top and get ready for a night you’ll never forget.


One can’t push enough how critical embellishments held crucial importance during the 1950s and it was a norm for a lady to wear gloves, cap, and purse while going out. Here is your list of 50’s vintage accessories.

  • Red lipstick
  • horn-rimmed glasses
  • peach basket hat
  • Chiffon scarf
  • cat eye glasses
  • Gloves
  • Waist cinch belt


Here are some tips to know before hitting that retro style party.

  • For a perfect hairstyle of 50 ’s, get yourself some scarves in striking hues and tie in the hair, around the neck or into a
  • You can wear wide belts with a full skirt, with a pencil skirt or capri pants to make the most of the coveted look.
  • Red lipstick is a striking way to instantly get a feel of vintage

So what are you waiting for? Get your favorite vintage-inspired outfits, pair it with fancy accessories and be a retro chic!