Six Safety Tips for Using a Jumping Castle

Typically, jumping castles are hired for kid’s parties; to keep them busy and as well help them have fun at such events. Besides its key role at kid’s party, these castles could also be found in places where people often gather for fun, like parks, resorts, and even at parking lots.

However, the safety of these kids should be paramount whenever you may be considering a jumping castle for kids. Hence the need for some rules and safety guides set out by safety professionals to help secure these small fries as they spend hours jumping and playing around the equipment. Adults and organizers should ensure these rules are strictly adhered to, to avoid occurrences that could endanger the lives of the users and kill the fun.

Before you hire a Jump Castle for your next party, ensure the following guidelines are brought to bear.

Supervise the Kids

You should ensure you assign someone, who is experienced and responsible enough to keep an eye on the kids as they get carried away jumping on the castle. Some rude kids could try climbing the castle walls and begin a fight with other kids. The supervisor should ensure orderliness during the play.

No Somersaulting

The case of Sam Harris who suffered a severe injury on the head from a kick by a 15-year-old boy while playing on a jumping castle was a very sorry one. Sadly, Sam died in 2007- two years after.

Ideally, a sticker should be placed outside the entrance against somersaulting or any form of rough playing, and defaulters should be evicted. This should be in bold prints and must be placed for all to see. Though it sounds harsh, it will help you avoid unfortunate stories.

Age-Grade Groups

Divide the kids based on their age and height. Children of the same age and height should play on the castle together at the same time. You may have to create other means to keep the kids entertained before it is their turn.

 No Adults

If your jumping castle is hired for children only, then stick to it: no adult should be allowed to use it; not even teenagers. Get the adults and teens to engage in other games. While you want to please everyone, the safety of the kids should be paramount. For more about jumping castle hire Melbourne, please visit the page!

Check what the kids are carrying

Ensure no kid comes on with any sharp object. Get rid of any object that could cause any form of injury inside the jumping castle. Wearing of shoes should also be prohibited in the castle.

Regulate the number of children on the castle

It is easier to monitor and prevent the kids from colliding when the castle is not over crowded. The kids might not be happy waiting for their turn, shun their ignorance and stand firmly by this guide.

With the above tips, you are sure of the safety of your kids and fun filled jump playing