Don’t Jump on anyone’s fun- A Checklist for Hiring a Jumping Castle

Bouncing castles are becoming more popular at wedding events, birthday parties, and sometimes in corporate meetings. During the vacations, parents seek ways to keep their little terrors engaged; especially during summer holidays. Summer holidays seem to be most exciting and fun filled. While some parents plan out holiday trips during such vacations, others prefer to keep their children engaged and entertained right in the home.

Bouncy Castle Hiring Service
To get your children active during holidays or off school hours, considering a fully functional bouncy castle may be your best bet. Keeping your kids fit and lively can only be effective with the use of jumping activities and great workouts.
While considering the ideal castle and company to hire from, there are some guidelines that you may consider to make the jumping experience a safe one.
1. Seek companies that offer Public Liability Insurance
2. You may ask the hiring company to help you set up the castle, as they are professionals and can do it much better.
3, Ensure the inflatable tubes are up to your country’s manufacturing standard -check the label to confirm.
4. Confirm from the company’s representative the maximum number of children that can play on it at the same time.
5. If the castle is over a year old, ensure you seek evidence(s) that it has recently being tested and used by a competent person. A competent person should be one certified by a recognized amusement inspection body.
6. Find out if the specific castle can be used in some specific extreme weather conditions; like in high winds.
7. You may insist on having a professional from the hiring company present at the event center, in case there is an emergency, he can manage the situation and ensure the kids are safe from harm.

Bouncy castles are great sources of fun and entertainment; not just for the kids but adults inclusive. However, for safety, always ensure children are adults do not use the same castle at the same time.
Getting a reputable and efficient Bouncy Castle Hiring Service is very simple and easy – simply check out the websites of different companies and get a clear picture about their services.